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February 19, 2018
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5 Tips For Choosing a Tax Preparer

Tax Town of Brooklyn Serves Business and Individuals for Variety of Tax Needs


When you need tax preparation Brooklyn look for an accountant with experience and insights into your particular tax needs. Whether you’re looking for help preparing annual taxes or answers to more complex Brooklyn NY tax issues, the CPA Brooklyn trusts is Tax Town of Brooklyn. For an accountant Brooklyn relies on for tax, estate, payroll, or audit advice, call on Tax Town of Brooklyn for expert advice.

What should you look for when hiring an accountant Brooklyn for tax help? Here are 5 tips.

  1. Check Credentials

When hiring a CPA Brooklyn residents want to be sure to hire someone with the qualifications to handle your particular tax needs, A CPA (Certified Public Account) has training and certification in a variety of competencies, including tax issues. CPAs must pass stringent exams and meet continuing education requirements to remain certified. They also must comply with a professional code of conduct that ensures that they work ethically and with their clients’ best interests at heart.

  1. How Do They Work and Bill?

You want to know before you hire a tax preparer how that professional operates. Will the tax preparer you meet with do the actual work on your return or will others in the organization work on it? Will the preparer review the work of others and sign the return? Are the others who might work on your return in-house staff members of external free-lancers? Who will answer any questions you might have or represent you if your return is audited by the Internal Revenue Service or state officials?

Also ask how they will be billed – either on an hourly basis or a flat fee. Do they need to be paid in advance or upon receipt of the completed returns? You should avoid preparers who offer to base their fees on a percentage of your tax return. Make sure any returns are sent to you.

  1. Data Security

So much of financial work today is done online, using sophisticated programs that crunch the numbers and perform the calculations necessary to complete a tax return. What safeguards does your Brooklyn NY tax preparer have in place to ensure that your data and personal information is protected while in the preparer’s location and electronically?

  1. Verify Qualifications

You want to be sure your tax preparation Brooklyn is done by fully accredited preparers. Check with the local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints. Check online review sites to see if anyone has left feedback about them. Finally, check with their state licensing agency to see if there are any disciplinary actions and for the status of their license.

  1. Ask for the Number

All tax preparers who are paid should have a Preparer Tax Identification Number. Check to make sure your preparer has a valid PTIN.

At Tax Town of Brooklyn, we help residents and businesses with tax preparation of individual and corporate tax returns, payroll services, estate tax planning, and audit defense. If you are looking for an Accountant Brooklyn.

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