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Why You’ll Want To Double Check Your Paycheck In February

Tax Reform Changes Begin to Appear, But Workers Should Check Withholdings


The tax reforms signed into law in late 2017 are starting to appear in Brooklyn NY paychecks beginning in February 2018. Workers and business owners trying to make sense of the new laws can turn to a tax lawyer Brooklyn trusts to sort out how to make sure the changes make sense. And if you need help with tax preparation Brooklyn residents can trust Tax Town of Brooklyn for reliable and accurate tax prep Brooklyn trusts.

The vast majority of Americans will begin to see more take-home pay beginning in February. The problem is that some people may not be withholding enough money, meaning come 2019, they’ll find a hefty tax bill they did not anticipate or a smaller refund.

With the changes taking place so late in the year, the Internal Revenue Service needed to scramble to make sure it updated its tax calculation tables. But the agency has not yet focused on the Form W-4, which Brooklyn NY workers use to determine how much is deducted from each paycheck

The amount of withholding on W-4s through the old calculations usually were for more than the actual tax bill, meaning most Americans got a refund each year. However, in the haste to react to the new laws, those calculations, and new W-4 forms, won’t be ready this year.

Under or Over

For people will have a large number of dependents or relied on deductions that no longer exist under the new law, it’s wise to reassess the withholding. The good news? You can always update a W-4form to change what’s withheld from your pay.

Companies have been encouraged to start using new withholding tables as of February 15, but some companies may not make those changes that quickly. And employers are unlikely to provide advice on what individuals should do to best prep for the 2018 tax year. It’s best to use an expert in tax preparation Brooklyn service to ensure you’re covered at just the right amount for your personal financial situation.

The IRS is expected to publish an online calculator by the end of the month to help you and your expert at tax prep Brooklyn can use to figure out what you need for future withholding.

But you can also try to estimate your 2018 tax liability yourself. Then divide that amount by however many paychecks you’ll receive this year.

Experts recommend also rechecking your calculations midyear, especially if you and your family have a change in jobs, pay rates, or other financial factors. If too much is withheld, you’ll likely get a larger refund or a smaller tax burden on next year’s taxes. If too little, then you’ll get a smaller refund or owe Uncle Sam some money.

The new laws and impacts are confusing to many. That’s why you can turn to the best in Tax Preparation Brooklyn counts on for tax return prep, audit defense, and estate planning. Count on Tax Town of Brooklyn for your tax needs all year round.

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