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Tax Service Brooklyn
Tax Service Brooklyn
June 21, 2017

Tax Season is Over, Now What? Advice From The Accountant Brooklyn NY Residents Trust Most

Plan Ahead to Optimize Your Financial Position All Year Long


The weeks leading up to April 15 might be the time you think the most about your taxes, but there’s a lot you can do all year long with your accountant to make sure you and your business have the best bottom line possible. At Tax Town of Brooklyn, we offer year-round tax services from our talented team of financial experts. When you need sound advice from an experienced Accountant Brooklyn NY, count on us to help.

Here are just a few of the services that will help keep your finances in top condition.

Examine Your Payroll Services. Are you getting the outcomes and attention you deserve from your payroll service provider? At Tax Town of Brooklyn, we can assess your current payroll services and provide an affordable alternative that gives you and your employees consistent, accurate and thorough service.

Address Lingering Tax Issues. Do you owe the Internal Revenue Service money from back taxes, fines or penalties? As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, we can work with you to ensure you are communicating properly with the IRS and resolving these issues in a timely and affordable manner. And if for some reason, you are being audited, you need a CPA. Tax Town of Brooklyn can represent your case and make sure your issues are addressed and resolved fairly.

Assess Your Corporate Taxes. When the crush of tax season has subsided, it’s a good time to have a qualified accountant take a closer look at your corporate tax situation. You’ll be surprised at what we can discover about your financial structure, ongoing tax payments and financial strategies that can lead to a lower tax burden, both now and next April.

Our Accountant Brooklyn NY can examine your property holdings, income sources, and equity structures to be sure you’re positioned best to minimize your corporate and individual income tax burdens. It’s best to do this work during the so-called “off season” for tax filing, when your team and ours can focus on a sound financial structure that benefits you, your investors and your partners.

Discuss Estate Taxes. Estate taxes create complex issues for business owners and their heirs. Any discussion of your estate should include considerations for taxes that will be levied on your estate and those you leave behind. However, there are corporate structures that can help Brooklyn, NY residents and business owners alleviate the burden on themselves and their loved ones. These tax structures can, in some cases, provide you with ongoing income if you choose to move away from the business.

A Trusted Partner

At Tax Town of Brooklyn, we offer many financial and tax services to residents and business owners. With more than 25 years of experience, our staff of highly trained professionals offers year-round services that help you solve complex financial issues. And when it comes time to doing those annual taxes, we guarantee 100 percent accuracy. If you are looking for an accountant in Brooklyn NY, contact the experts at Tax Town of Brooklyn.


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