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How To Select The Best Accountant Brooklyn NY For Your Family & Business

Tax Town of Brooklyn Offers Expert Services for Work, Personal Financial Matters


Finding the right NY CPA or payroll services provider requires a partner with a focus on saving you money and worry. The accountant Brooklyn NY individuals and businesses turn to is Tax Town of Brooklyn. With deep expertise and practical solutions, we help Brooklyn, NY business owners and residents with tax preparation, audits, corporate taxes, estate taxes and business services.

How can Brooklyn, NY residents and business owners find the right NY CPA for their needs? Here are a few tips:

  • Know When It’s Time. Your small business may only require a part-time bookkeeper when it’s starting out and small. Taxes might be a snap when you’re single or newly married. But as circumstances evolve, and your business or family grows, it’s time to consider a fully accredited and trained CPA to handle more complex financial matters.
  • Know Their Expertise. You want to be sure to select the accountant Brooklyn NY that has the right expertise and skill set to handle your needs. Ask about how much expertise and years of experience they have with your specific accounting needs.
  • Interview and Check References. Be sure to have an in-person conversation and ask for a list of other customers. Make sure to contact those your accountant Brooklyn NY provides. It’s best to find an accountant who has worked with companies like yours or individuals who have a similar financial situation.
  • Understand the Fee Structure. Some accountants charge by the hour and some by the project or task at hand. Make sure you understand how your potential accountant will charge you for work on your behalf. It’s also a good idea to get recommendations for how you can keep fees down by having paperwork prepared or books in good order.
  • Check on Audit Defense. In the case of a business or individual tax return filing, you want to be sure your accountant will prepare and participate in any audit process by the Internal Revenue Service. A tax preparer should stand behind his or her work and it’s a big red flag if someone seems reluctant to do so.
  • Ask to Review Past Returns. Many CPAs will review your past personal or business tax returns at no charge. Doing so does not take very long and can help give your accountant a clearer sense as to your tax situation.
  • Who Will Do The Work? You want to know whether the accountant with whom you meet will be the one working on your return or if it will be a junior employee completing the tasks.
  • Check Credentials. You want to be sure you know what degrees your accountant is, if they are a licensed CPA and what licenses they hold for specialized areas of accounting or financial services.

At Tax Town of Brooklyn, we provide a full array of accounting and business services. Need help with personal or business taxes? Want help managing your company’s payroll services? Looking for assistance with estate planning? Need an accountant Brooklyn NY…Contact Tax Town of Brooklyn to help you plan and save.

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